Corey Holmes Cares

- Gigi Johnson
I have never written a review before, but I couldn't let this be unrecognized.
First, I must say this is a great community, good neighbors, the apartments have been remodeled, security gate coming, staff answers the phone, and much more.
Secondly, I went to the leasing office yesterday to schedule an appt. to see the Property Manager on today at 5:00pm. I arrived about 15 minutes early, Corey H. was contacted and immediately came to assist me. I spoke to him about my leasing options, because I had been contemplating if I want to renew or not.
As I was speaking he gave me eye contact letting me know he was paying attention, smiles as though he had a resolution already and great news which I needed to hear. So with that said I am renewing my lease for another year and more likely years to come. I'm not renewing because he gave great news but because I rather be in a community where people actually care.
Thanks Corey